Guts benefits from Genesis and Microgaming agreement


Guts Casino is carefully monitoring the gambling industry, trying to find software logo-casino-gutsdevelopers that can provide them with more top-quality titles.

This has been a top priority for the online casino since its inception, but it chose not to lowering standards.

The price to pay is that fewer games are available and elsewhere, but at least those who choose to play here can rest assured that they will enjoy original titles.Meanwhile, their plas to expand the collection of games has stayed intact and the casino could benefit from the Genesis and Microgaming agreement.

This is an important event for all those who are even remotely interested in online gambling, because it will result in a flurry of new games.

There are already plenty of casinos offering their customers games developed by both software developers, yet these new partnership will have numerous benefits.
To start with, some of the games produced by Genesis will be made available on the celebrated Quickfire network.

Guts is also a proud member of online casinos that use this network and some of the best paying progressive jackpots are pooled across it. Now that new titles produced by different software developer will be added here, players will have new games available at their fingertips.

There will be no need to download additional content or to sign up with multiple casinos to gain access to these games.


The first slot machine to be made available across the network goes by the name of Deep Sea Diver and it is just a teaser of what is about to come. The game uses the latest technologies to deliver state-of-the-art visuals and the sound effects are just as impressive.

The two software developers plan to continue this process of unifying their collections of games and the Quickfire network is going to be used as a conduit.
Genesis undertook a lot of recessed to determining what players are seeking and that’s how they came up with these new slot machines.

Reef Dive, Wreck Dive or the Deep Sea Dive have a similar theme, but the game mechanics are quite different, so you won’t get the feeling of playing the same game over and over again.

They will be bonus enhancement options to spice things up, free spins and all the perks that those who appreciate modern slot machines take for granted.
The engaging theme is also expected to keep players hungry for more and the full compatibility with mobile devices is their best-selling point.

Guts made it crystal clear that all the new games that will be added with portfolio games need to be run smoothly on smartphones and tablets. Microgaming is obviously sharing their commitment to deliver the best products to mobile casino users and the new lineup of games is designed with these players in mind.

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