Unibet casino signs major deal with BGT

Whether you prefer sports betting, online casino or poker games, unibet casino is going to provide you with everything you need and something on top of that. The bookmaker remains the first choice for many UK residents and it is one of the online gambling operators that will continue to serve customers from the British islands. In fact, they have ambitious plans for 2015 and they just announced the signing of another important contract that will have implications worldwide.
In a nutshell, they shook hands with Best Gaming Technology and this means that in excess of 2000 additional search service betting terminals will be introduced. Granted the vast majority of their customers have made the transition to online gambling and are using smartphones as well as laptop and desktop computers to bet online, many prefer conventional betting shops. They are scattered all over the United Kingdom, as well as Belgium and Ireland, so the partnership with BGT is going to work smoothly.
The reason for why they decided to introduce more terminals is that the football season is in full swing and the number of customers is rising quickly. The fact that the bookmaker remains the biggest provider of these terminals in the British islands is no longer a novelty and they plan on consolidating their dominant position. Customers are quite fond of the SSBTs and many of those who bet on football are relying on them on a weekly basis, so this investment makes perfect sense.
Unibet couldn’t afford to lower the standards and signed a partnership with a subpar company, so BGT was the obvious provider. They have an impeccable track record and have provided other land-based bookmakers and casinos with state-of-the-art technology. With no pending complaints against them and a history of excellence, they’re expected to deliver the same results to their clients.
The BGT Chief Executive was also enthusiastic about this partnership and regards the bookmaker as one of the most important strategic partners. Armin Sageder said that this is just the first step of a long and mutually beneficial business that will grow over the next couple of years. The indirect winners of this agreement are naturally the players, who will have even more options when betting on football games. They will get to use the latest SSBTs serviced by Scientific Games.

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